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Kiln drying lumber in West Virginia- An update

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  Kiln drying is a vital intermediate step between primary processing of logs into lumber and secondary manufacture of quality wood products.  The value added to hardwood lumber by kiln drying varies by species, grades, and thickness dried.  However, increase in the state's production of kiln dried lumber would generate greater value added to the state's wood resource.  This, in turn, translates into improved revenues, profits, employment opportunities, and economic well-being for the people of the state.  Earlier assessments of the strength of West Virginia's forest products industry indicated that the state's industry is heavily concentrated in primary processing and that the level of secondary manufacturing is well below the state's potential (Forester 1981, Zinn 1983, Jones and Zinn1986).  In this regard, expansion of the state's kiln drying productivity is important to the development of a strong secondary wood products industry.

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30 Nov 1999
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