wog“Keeping Woodlands as Woodlands Requires Active Input”

On (Saturday) March 29, 2014, The Annual West Virginia Woodland Owners Association Meeting & Seminar will be held in Elkins, WV:  The meeting will be held at the Wood Technology Center on 11th Street in the Industrial Park Section of Elkins, WV from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Also, 4.0 (Category-1) CFE Credits are offered. To RSVP and for more information contact Ed Murriner at the WV Woodland Owners Association by phone at: (304) 382-5307 or by e-mailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or: Dan Magill at (304) 293- 9419; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Meeting Schedule

9:00 AM:         Registration Begins……..With Refreshments

9:30 AM:         Meeting Introduction…Tim Fink, Moderator & WV WOA President ...Welcome Participants...Introduce Speakers...Summary of WV WOA

9:40 PM:         Wild Turkey Habitat and Species Management in WV Woodlands ....Host: Cully McCurdy, National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF)

10:10 AM:       “Why Do Landowners Organize?  To Protect Ourselves and Things We Value” ...Host: Keith Argow, National Woodland Owners Association, President

10:25 AM:       Break………………..With Refreshments

10:40 AM:       Improving Quality Tree Species Regeneration, Growth, and Survival by Controlling Native (A. Beech, spice bush, etc.) and Non-Native Invasive Tree and Plant Species (Tree-of-heaven, multiflora rose, etc.) in WV  ...Host: Jeff Kochenderfer, USDA Forest Service

11:15 AM:       Oak Species Regeneration, Growth, and Survival in WV ...Host: Gary Miller, USDA Forest Service

12 NOON       Lunch Time Speaker: WV Woodland Owners Association’s Purpose and Current Status  ...Tim Fink, WV Woodland Owners Association, President

1:00 PM:         Timber Sale & Land Associated Legislative-Bills, and Laws and Taxes in WV  ... Host: Frank Stewart, WV Forestry Association, President

1:45 PM:         Timber Harvest Contracts and Sale Administration in WV  ...Hosts: Jim Mitchell and Jim Hayes, Consulting Foresters

2:20 PM:         WV WOA 2014 Educational Woodland Field Tours   ...Host: Dan Magill, WVU Appalachian Hardwood Center

2:30 PM:         Tour of the Wood Technology Center: Purpose & Facilities………..Host: Facilities Manager         

3:00 PM:         Conclude Annual Meeting


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