We routinely work on special projects for people throughout the state.  Last year, with the help from several groups, we designed and built a replacement bridge for the Core Arboretum in Morgantown, WV.   In order to get the bridge into place, we obtained the help of 60 WVU ROTC cadets (for more information see: 


After this successful effort, we were contacted by LTC Timothy Vance, Battalion Commander with the 201st Field Artillery Regiment.  The 201st is the oldest unit in the United States Army (circa 1735) and the only surviving unit of the original ten companies that formed the US Army in 1775 (  LTC Vance wanted help with the construction of wooden display cases for two historical company flags – and of course we agreed!



The red flag represented the battalion from 1735-1949 as the 201st Infantry and the Blue flag since 1949 as the Field Artillery Regiment.  In speaking with LTC Vance, we both agreed that some form of historical wood related to WV would be best served for making the display cases.  LTC Vance is currently checking around the 201st for wood of historical significance that might be used. 


If you are aware of any wood that might be interesting for this project, please contact us.  Likewise, if you have any suggestions regarding local wood workers that would do an excellent job on this historical project, please let us know.

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