This monograph is a summary of research results and environmental compliance measures for timber harvesting operations.  Data are presented from the Northern Research Station’s forest inventory and analysis of 20 states in the northern forest hardwoods.  Harvesting systems available in the region today are summarized.  Equations for estimating harvesting costs are documented.  Safety considerations are compiled along with images of safety equipment and clothing engineered to protect the head, ears, eyes, face, hands, and legs.  Mandatory and voluntary best management practices (BMPs) are discussed for streamside management zones (SMZs), patch/structural retention, invasive plant mitigation, and soil protection.  Profitability and cost control are addressed.  The importance of keeping machines working, exploiting machines’ payload capacity, and matching machines to the size of wood being harvested is illustrated.  The information offered in this text should be valuable to the harvesting industry and serve as a text for a course in timber harvesting.

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