Extension Specialist Dave McGill was interviewed by the local NBC affiliate WBOY about fall foilage.

Predicted peak is over the next few weeks.

By Macall Allen

MORGANTOWN -- Experts say we'll start to see the leaves change color and fall over the next few weeks.  The West Virginia Extension Service, Division of Forestry and Natural Resources says the fall foliage process has already started.  It says drought stress can cause the leaves to fall but trees such as Cherry, Buckeye and Elm drop their leaves earlier than Hickory and Maples which have the best colors.  Colorful leaves are caused by the shortening day lengths which causes the leaves to stop producing chlorophyll, which colors them green.

"There are mechanisms inside the leaf that react to those changing day lengths and then all of the sudden there is a wall at the base of the leaf that begins to form and once that forms the leaf falls," said WVU Extension Specialist Dave McGill

McGill says to be sure and get out in the woods and you won't be disappointed.

Follow the link below to see the Division of Forestry's Fall Foliage Map. 

Fall Foliage

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