Forestry Basics

After the trees are felled, log grading occus

For grading a log, you first mark the log into four equal sections known as faces.  With the log marked, you now pick the second worse face of the log. You will grade the whole log just from the second worst face or third best face. In the example picture below, you will see a log that has been marked into four equal faces and it is shown like this so you can see all four faces of the log. Usually the log is rolled over to see the other faces, they are not cut off.


(from Rast, Sonderman, and Gammon 1973).

You can see that each faces was graded. It was graded by using the forest service hardwood log grading rule seen in table 3. The top two are graded as 1(F1) do to it meeting all the requirements. The bottom two are graded as 2 (F2) and the worse face a "X".  "X" being the worst face makes the face that was graded as 2 being the third worst face. Which means that face determines the grade of the log and that grade is 2 (F2).

Grades for logs:

  • Grade 1 – log is straight and have little to no defect.
  • Grade 2 – log has some defects.
  • Grade 3 – log has the most defect and can have a curve to the log.

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