Forest Management



If the stand described in the "Thinning" scenario was not thinned, rather the timber cut using a diameter limit harvest of 16 inches allowing the residual to grow for the 15 year period with all timber assigned the highest possible board foot value based on DBH as per USDA Forest Service grading rules where:

  • <9.6"=pulpwood

  • 9.6-12.5"=F3 log grade

  • 12.6-15.5"=F2 log grade

  • >15.6"=F1 log grade



At stand age 70 years--

Total value of unthinned 1 acre stand at stand age 70 years=$4418.23

Assumed 15 year DBH growth rates for the species are:

  • Red Oak-3.75 inches

  • Chestnut Oak- 3 inches

  • Yellow-Poplar- 4.5 inches

  • Black Cherry- 3.75 inches

  • Soft Maple- 3 inches

  • Hard Maple- 3 inches

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