Forest Management

This pie chart breaks down the value of an actual one acre Appalachian hardwood stand that was thinned using an appropriate silvicultural prescription.  The timber removed at the time of the thinning (stand age 55years) as well as the timber in the residual stand fifteen years following thinning (stand age 70 years) was assigned the highest board foot value according to USDA Forest Service diameter rules for pulp through F1 log grade.

  • <9.6"=pulpwood

  • 9.6-12.5"=F3 log grade

  • 12.6-15.5"=F2 log grade

  • >15.6"=F1 log grade.


The value of the timber removed in the thinning was compounded simply at 3% for fifteen years and added to the value of the residual stand at stand age 70 years.


Total value of properly thinned one acre stand at stand age 70 years=$7103.08

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