ISPM 15 Countries



ISPM-15 Implementation Date: February 25, 2006

Additions to ISPM-15: None

Notes: According to USDA-APHIS, Honduras has apparently adopted ISPM-15 requirements for wood packaging. Based on a translated document that outlines the Honduran requirements, the following specifics appear to constitute the basics of their program.

  • All WPM must exhibit the IPPC mark.
  • The fact that WPM exhibits the IPPC mark, does not exempt is from inspection by official personnel carried out in conformity to the Manual of Quarantine Procedures.
  • WPM not exhibiting the IPPC mark will be subject to the following actions, with all associated costs being borne by the importer:

      a. Treat the unmarked WPM at the port of entry.
      b. Replace the non-compliant WPM with national (Honduran) packaging or other packaging that fulfills the phytosanitary measures established in the Honduran regulations. Importers also have the choice of substituting non-regulated material for the non-compliant WPM.
      c. Re-export the non-compliant WPM to the exporting country.
      d. To return the entire shipment if none of the above measures can be applied.
  • WPM exhibiting the proper IPPC mark, but with evidence of live pests, will be subject to an order safeguarding the affected WPM.

At this time, no official notifications by Honduras to the WTO (World Trade Organization) have been publicized, which is the reason for the describing this announcement as an “apparent’ adoption of ISPM-15.

References: World Trade Organization, G/SPS/N/HND/11; February 26, 2006

Posted: June 10, 2006

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