ISPM 15 Countries


ISPM-15 Implementation Date: June 1, 2005

Additions to ISPM-15: WPM must be debarked.

Notes: Chile will accept a phytosanitary certificate in lieu of the official ISPM-15 mark. However, for US exporters, it is against APHIS policy to issue a phytosanitary certificate for WPM used in transport of commodities.

On September 15, 2005, Chile notified the World Trade Organization that acting under emergency measures, it was suspending the entry of sleepers of wood and sawn timbers for sleepers of any origin, following the detection in imported items of pests of the Buprestidae family exotic to Chile. The Buprestidae family includes wood-boring beetles, jewel beetles, and flatheaded borers. The Chilean Agriculture and Livestock Service (SAG) is to conduct a risk analysis in order to reassess the requirements for authorizing the importation of such products into Chile. The US exports only minor amounts of railroad ties to Chile.

References: World Trade Organization, G/SPS/N/CHL/170; August 26, 2004.
World Trade Organization, G/SPS/N/CHL/199; October 2005.

Posted: June 10, 2006


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