ISPM 15 Countries


SPM-15 Implementation Date: September 1, 2004 (For containerized cargo)
January 1, 2006 (Adds break bulk and air cargo)

Additions to ISPM-15: Bark-free WPM
Packing declaration (click her to see an example)
21-day rule does not apply
Plywood manufactured in Australia, Canada,
Europe, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, United
Kingdom, and US within three months of
shipment is exempt from inspection and
further treatment, but requiring an acceptable
certificate that includes the country of manu-
facture, date of manufacture, and statement
that the plywood has not been pre-used
Methyl bromide fumigation must be at a
concentration of 48 mg/m3 for 24 hours at a
temperature of 21?C under normal atmospheric
pressure (not 16 hrs. as permitted under ISPM-15)

Notes: Break bulk refers to storing, breaking down or consolidating containerized cargo.

Australia has approved certain preservatives for treating timber for use in cargo containers and timber packing and classified as waterborne and non-waterborne preservatives.

Approved waterborne preservatives:

Copper-chrome-arsenic (CCA)
Copper-chromium boron (CCB) salts
Copper-chromium fluorine (CCF)
Ammonical Copper Quaternary Preservatives
Boron and alkyl ammonium Preservatives
Copper Azole Preservatives
Cu-HDO and Boric Acid Preservatives
Copper, Boron acid and Polymeric biocide Preservatives

Approved non-waterborne preservatives:

TBTO (Tributultin oxide)
Niedo – Woodgard
Sumithiion (Fenitrothion)

References: Cargo Containers – Quarantine Aspects and Procedures, March 15, 2006,
Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. (

World Trade Organization, G/SPS/N/AUS/187; September 5, 2005

Posted: June 10, 2006

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