Our aim is to provide the most current and useful information to the stakeholders of the WPM industry.  Questions/Comments--please call Jeff Slahor at 304 293 9423.

The original purpose of this website was to provide a comprehensive source of information on ISPM 15, Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging Material (WPM) in International Trade, which was adopted by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) in 2002. The IPPC currently has over 200 member countries. An important purpose of the IPPC is to foster international cooperation in controlling pests of plants and plant products and in preventing their spread internationally.

With the the likelihood of new regulations affecting domestic use of WPM, the scope of this site has expanded to help the industry be ready for the challenges that any new regulations along these lines will create.

To the best of the authors knowledge, all information herein is accurate. The cooperating organizations hope you find this site a valuable resource in dealing with the phytosanitation issues surrounding WPM in international and domestic trade.

All information presented here was up to date and accurate as of 9/30/2008.  The News link to the left was just added (June 2012) by the author by the author in order to keep the site useful to all stakeholders.  Please check out the first addition.  We seek input on how to keep hardwoods as substantial factor in the WPM industry.

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