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Why is it better than not managing? Do you want to continue to cut wood over the years or clear cut and never plan on selling again? It really depends on what the owner wants and what his future plans will be. When managing a forest, you usually get better growth from trees and the forest looks a lot better than not managing after a cut. Managing is good for if you plan on cutting again in the future and making more money. Here are a couple different methods of managing and what they do.

Clear cut – removing all trees in a given area.

Even age method – regenerating a stand that is even age.

Uneven age method – generating a stand that has two or more age classes.

Seed tree cut - a harvesting method in which a few scattered trees are left in the area to provide seed for a new forest stand.

Shelter wood cut - removing trees on the harvest area in a series of two or more cuttings so new seedlings can grow from the seed of older trees.

Group selection cut – removes small groups of trees so that in the future it will develop into a uneven-age forest

Diameter cut – harvesting trees at a specific diameter. Example: Any tree with a 16 DBH and up will be cut, so that means nothing under 16 DBH will be cut.

Salvage cut - Harvesting of dead or damaged trees or of trees in danger of being killed by insects, disease, flooding, or other factors.

Regeneration cut - a strategy in which old trees are removed in order to rehabilitation of a new stand of seedlings.

Thinning - a tree removal that reduces tree density and competition between trees in a stand such as crown, free, low, mechanical, and selection.

Crown thinning/ Thinning from above – removal of big trees to reduce crowding in the dominant crown class.

Free thinning – removal of selected trees (doesn’t matter on what crown class it is in) to help the desired trees you want to grow better.

Low thinning/ Thinning from below – removal of the smaller trees to help the upper crown class

Mechanical thinning - removal of trees by row, strips, or spacing.

Selection thinning - removal of larger trees to improve stand.

You can find other forestry terms at: AHC WVU Glossary

Not managing

It is simple, do nothing and let nature take its course. Best for if not a lot of cutting has been done, the property has no value to you, or you don’t plan on doing anything with the property later on in life.

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