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The Appalachian Hardwood Center (AHC) at West Virginia University, is a jointly supported center of the WVU Extension Service and the WVU Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Design.

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The center was established in 1987 by the West Virginia Legislature to provide technical and research support for the state's growing wood products industry. The AHC is a center of excellence for outreach; extension and technology transfer; professional development; and applied research. The AHC serves sustainable natural resource-based businesses and communities as well as private forest landowners and natural resource professionals in the Appalachian forest region.


Dr. Sheldon Owen's backyard wildlife program at the Morgantown Library was covered by the local television news channel.  WBOY summarized the program and  included the following video clip:

'Green Nights' at the Morgantown Library provided an eco-friendly way to increase or improve wildlife in your backyard.  Sheldon Owen, a wildlife biologist from the WVU Extension Services, said there are three basic requirements for bringing more animals to your neck of the woods.

 "If you can provide some food source for wild life, maybe a water source and also some shelter. Be it a bird house, or some trees to provide some type of thermal protection or cover," said Owen. "These are simple things that you may actually have in your backyard, or you may have to build some bird houses, or provide some water source, or just putting out a bird feeder."

The second part of the night included how to manage wildlife damage or unwanted wildlife.

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